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In the past, business owners could choose whether or not to hire a company for information technology (IT) services. Alternatives, especially for small businesses, included adding one IT professional to the staff, contracting for computer repair technician services when needed, or completing monitoring and back up tasks independently. Depending on the size and nature of the business, that was all that was required to ensure systems were productive, efficient, and safe.


Hackers, unscrupulous owners of competing businesses, and cyber criminals are clever, organized, and targeting small businesses. Those vulnerabilities are quickly making professional Computer Service essential. New viruses are being launched that can encrypt business data in a matter of seconds. Breaches into confidential files are becoming commonplace. Constant monitoring and immediate detection of any issues or threats are the only way to truly be protected. On-demand computer service is not enough anymore.


Most small businesses do not have total managed IT service because owners believe they cannot afford the expense. The cost of having ransomware removed from the system and as much data as possible recovered is hundreds of dollars for one incident. Related costs can be a complete halt to productivity, loss of customers due to bad publicity, or liability lawsuits when personal information is compromised.

managed IT service

Owners can no longer afford to risk doing business without services in place. Businesses located in Southern California have access to a company of experienced professionals who specialize in providing custom IT services to small businesses. The business only pays for custom services instead of choosing a plan that has elements that are not necessary. Trying to fit a unique business model into a rigid plan does not suit the business.

Range of Services

IT consulting, computer support, monthly services, repairs, and managed IT services are offered. Targeted data recovery, locating parts responsible for slow downloading, and tackling strange computer problems are among the tools used to keep computers, mobile devices, scanners and copiers, and even business telephone systems productive and secured.

Once the current systems have been reviewed and the needs, nature, and goals of the business are discovered, recommendations are presented. These may include standard industry solutions, cutting-edge technology, or a combination of both. Modifications are made upon request, and a contract is signed upon approval. Get the process started to avoid the costs and damage of a virus or breach. Protection indicates due diligence on the part of the business and provides peace of mind for the owner.


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